Company History

Benoit Electric was founded in 1986 by John and Pam Benoit with a handful of trusted and hardworking employees; 23 years later and most of them are still with us. Benoit Electric started out by focusing on superior quality, craftsmanship and lasting relationships with customers and general contractors which we saw as a gap in the commercial market. Today those qualities Benoit Electric seek to offer the market have become our competitive advantage. Evidence of this is shown in the fact Benoit Electric has worked in certain facilities for over 20 years; including many more repeat commercial customers and praise of general contractors we work with. Benoit Electric is now a top electrical contractor in the state of Vermont with over 60 employees with expertise in industrial, institutional and health care facilities.

A main source of pride for John and Pam Benoit is the quality of work from their employee's. At Benoit Electric high quality work in addition to timeliness is rewarded. Not just finishing a job like some contractors, but finishing it while taking pride in the work one has done. Because Benoit Electric acknowledges employees who embody our philosophy of quality craftsmanship the incentive for employees to be exceptional is high. With these incentives Benoit Electric has the ability to retain the top electricians in the state of Vermont. Some Benoit Electric employees have been with us for 20+ years while fifteen employees have been with us for 15+ years with more adding to that number each year. This long retention of employees speaks volumes for the quality of our employees and how we think those employees feel about Benoit Electric.

We encourage you to talk to past and current customers about their experiences with Benoit electric as we believe our reputation is a shining standard of what we can offer you.